Saturday, January 22, 2011

No excuse

alhamdulillah...all praise due to Allah, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful.

It's already 1245 a.m and at this moment my brain is absolutely slowing down but can still wondering about getting one of the demanding object on earth right now the so-called Ipad.

But currently the price is way too high..too high to 'grasp' by a future father like me as my paramount interest right now is to save and spend rakyat's money as wise as possible particularly to prepare it for razin jr. 
Honestly it's just my day dream, no need to pay attention on that..

Actually my thought had gone beyond that..

Allah has created all things to cater for His slaves's needs. Foods, Oxygen, Water, Plants, name a few.
From these sources other products were derived. All the technos we used right now, your laptop,yes your laptop that you are looking at exactly at this moment..Everything is His properties. This is something you can't argue with ,definitely.

Don't you think all this has at least a purpose to fulfill?

This remarks preoccupied my mind since last week -approximately

It seems that many Muslims really like gadget-typed stuff  namely Ipad, SmartPhone, i-phone 4, Sony book reader, Netbook ,Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry, ..too many inventions that i couldn't even recall the brand

Not surprisingly ,these object of interest are surely equipped with special softwares and most important to say is the grave necessity of the internet and last but not least Facebook!. These are some which have been already installed and ready-to-used programs particularly in the smartphones.

Touch Screen.Thats the word. A word that is sufficient to describe the ease of using it.

Let's go back to ancient time. At the time of the prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and his companions, when there was no such technology happened to be existed,yet as we know his dakwah had successfully reached and broke through all parts of the world.Name me one place that didn't get the light of Islam. None.

What about us?you, me , us...the muslims....we have the world networking in our hand right now programed in the highly expensive techno can learn Islam and spread it as simple as tapping the touch-screened keypad and send it to anyone you like but,there is always 'but', sadly, so sad...we haven't even dared to spread a single word of ALLAH from the glorious Quran and hadith. We even don't bother to spread the truth about what is happening in oppressed Muslims countries..shame on me and shame on you o muslims. We are lagged behind not because of knowing nothing about techno,but because doing nothing while having it right in our palm.

Just imagine, one Islamic message from each of us a day lecture about Islam from online lecture email with a short hadith  ...sent and shared by countless number of Muslims (and non-Muslims) each day and each night .Consequently, at least thousands could have realized the beauty of Islam and finally realized the true God.The one and only, ALLAH S.W.T.

Not even a single word should be vibrated out of our vocal cord to say 'no' to da'wah.
There is No excuse.



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