Monday, February 14, 2011

You Must Know This Man.



Hope everyone is having a great life right now.

My class already started and today is my 1st lesson of this summer semester which begin with a big subject called O&G.

So most probably the entry of this blog gonna get slower a bit. I suppose everyone would understand the life of medical student in which could be described merely by the one word, busyness.

InshaALLAH,i will try not to make it an excuse in performing my biggest duty as a Muslim which is Da'wah via this blog.

Our Life is truly about ibadah which is solely devoted to ALLAH,the Almighty God.

Everything we do if we sincerely dedicated it to ALLAH,is definitely regarded as Ibadah. But of course not the bad deeds.

Thus bear in mind that this ongoing life won't be meaningful if we live in it(world) without knowing the One who created it and for what purpose you are being created.

Hence ALLAH has showed us the right path,Islam, through His Messengers and one of them and also the last one, is Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H.
So today,i just wanna share this article with you guys. At least it make me reflect on myself as how far have i closely known him? or the difficult question to answer is 'do we have ever really followed his teaching fervently?' or we just accepted some,but have neglected others.

Ask your Iman right away.

There is always room for improvements. Thats what matters most. I deeply believe that Islah is always available for any one who really want to implement it in his life,inshaALLAH.

Remember, grab it immediately because we still got time to do that.

You must know this man

S.H. Pasha

February 15, 2011

BIRTHDAY OF THE PROPHET You may be an atheist or an agnostic or you may belong to any of the religious denominations that exist in the world today. You may have been a Communist or a believer in democracy and freedom. No matter what you are, and no matter what your religious and political beliefs, personal and social habits happen to be — you still must know this man!

He was by far the most remarkable man that ever set foot on this earth. He preached a religion, founded a state, built a nation, laid down a moral code, initiated numberless social and political reforms, established a dynamic and powerful society to practice and represent his teachings, and he revolutionized the worlds of human thought and human action for all time.

His name was Muhammad (peace and blessings of be upon him) — and he accomplished all these wonders in the unbelievably short span of twenty-three years.

Muhammad was born in Makkah, Arabia in 570 CE, and when he died at the age of 63, the whole of the Arabian Peninsula had changed from paganism and idol worship to the worship of One God; from tribal quarrels and wars to national solidarity and cohesion; from drunkenness and debauchery to sobriety and piety; from lawlessness and anarchy to disciplined living; from utter moral bankruptcy to the highest standards of moral excellence. Human history has never known such a complete transformation of a people or a place before or since.

The Encyclopedia Britannica calls him "the most successful of all religious personalities of the world."

Bernard Shaw said, "If Muhammad were alive today, he would succeed in solving all those problems which threaten to destroy human civilization in our times."

Thomas Carlysle was amazed as to how one man, single-handedly, could weld warring tribes and wandering Bedouins into a most powerful and civilized nation in less than two decades.

Napoleon and Gandhi never tired of dreaming of a society along the lines established by this man in Arabia fourteen centuries ago.

Indeed no other human being ever accomplished so much, in such diverse fields of human thought and behaviour, in so limited a space of time, as did Muhammad.

He was a religious teacher, a social reformer, a moral guide, a political thinker, a military genius, an administrative colossus, a faithful friend, a wonderful companion, a devoted husband, a loving father—all in one. No other man in history ever excelled or equaled him in any of these difficult departments of life.

The world has had its share of great personalities. But these were one-sided figures who distinguished themselves in but one or two fields, such as religious thought or military leadership. None of the other great leaders of the world ever combined within himself so many different qualities to such an amazing level of perfection as did Muhammad.

The lives and teachings of other great personalities of the world are shrouded in the mist of time. There is so much speculation about the time and the place of their birth, the mode and style of their life, the nature and detail of their teachings and the degree and measure of their success or failure that it is impossible for humanity today to reconstruct accurately and precisely the lives and teachings of those men. Not so this man Muhammad.

Not only was he born in the fullest blaze of recorded history, but every detail of his private and public life, of his actions and utterances, has been accurately documented and faithfully preserved to our day. The authenticity of the information so preserved is vouched for not only by faithful followers but also by unbiased critics and open-minded scholars.

At the level of ideas there is no system of thought and belief — secular or religious, social or political — which could surpass or equal Islam, the system which Muhammad propounded.

In a fast-changing world, while other systems have undergone profound transformations, Islam alone has remained above all change and mutation, and retained its original form for the past 1400 years. What is more, the positive changes that are taking place in the world of human thought and behaviour truly and consistently reflect the healthy influence of Islam in these areas.

It is not given to the best of thinkers to put their ideas completely into practice, and to see the seeds of their labors grow and bear fruit in their own lifetime. Except of course, Muhammad, who not only preached the most wonderful ideas but also successfully translated each one of them into practice.

At the time of his death his teachings were not mere precepts and ideas straining for fulfillment. They had become the very core of the life of tens of thousands of perfectly trained individuals.

At what other time or place and in relation to what other political, social, religious system, philosophy or ideology—did the world ever witness such a perfectly amazing phenomenon? Except of course, Islam, which was established as a complete way of life by Muhammad himself. History bears testimony to this fact and the greatest skeptics have no option but to concede this point.

In spite of the phenomenal success which crowned his efforts, he did not for a moment claim to be God or God's incarnation or Son — but only a human being who was chosen and ordained by the Creator to be a teacher of truth to mankind and a complete model and pattern for their actions.

He was a man with a noble and exalted mission — and his unique mission was to unite humanity in the worship of the One and only God and to teach them the way to honest and upright living in accordance with the laws and commands of God.

He always described himself as a Messenger and servant of God, as indeed every single action and movement of his proclaimed him to be. A world which has not hesitated to raise to Divinity individuals whose very lives and missions have been lost in legend and who, historically speaking, did not accomplish half as much — or even one tenth — as was accomplished by Muhammad, should stop to take serious note of this remarkable man's claim to be God's messenger to mankind.

Today, after the lapse of some 1400 years, the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad have survived without the slightest loss, alteration or interpolation.

Today they offer the same undying hope for treating mankind's many ills which they did when Prophet Muhammad was alive. This is our honest claim and this is the inescapable conclusion forced upon us by a critical and unbiased study of history.

The least you should do as a thinking, sensitive, concerned human being is to stop for one brief moment and ask yourself: Could it be that these statements, extraordinary and revolutionary as they sound, are really true?

Supposing they really are true, and you did not know this man Muhammad or hear about his teachings? Or did not know him well and intimately enough to be able to benefit from his guidance and example?

Is it not time you responded to this tremendous challenge and made some effort to know him? It will not cost you anything but it may well prove to be the beginning of a completely new era in your life.

Come, let us make a new discovery, the life of this wonderful man Muhammad, the like of whom never walked on this earth, and whose example and teachings can change your life and our world for the better

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pemimpin zalim bukan untuk dibela.


Alhamdulillah.Dikurniakan oleh ALLAH untuk menulis dan menyampaikan dalam keadaan bimbang kepada saudara-saudaraku di Mesir.

Mengapa?..dan Mengapa?
Soalan ini berlingkaran di minda.

Mengapa masih ada rakyat yang menyokong mereka yang zalim?!
Tidakkah mereka melihat penghinaan pemimpin zalim  ke atas mereka sendiri?Mereka pijak kamu dengan kasut mereka yang berlumuran dengan darah muslim yang tidak berdosa,namun ada pula yang mencucinya dengan tangan dan tubuh mereka.

Kamu melontar batu,menyerang mereka dengan kuda dan unta,kamu membaling bahan-bahan api ke arah saudara-saudaramu sendiri yang mahu menyelamatkan negara, wahai penyokong taghut. Tidakkah kamu takut kepada ALLAH tatkala nanti kamu akan dilontarkan pula ke dalam neraka seperti mana mudahnya kamu melontar batu tadi?

Engkau serbu mereka seperti mereka ini musuh yang jelas di mata engkau,sedangkan musuh-musuh engkau di atas(pemimpian zalim) yang sebenarnya sedang tersenyum indah melihat gelagat di bawah.

Hosni Mubarak dan Sekutu-sekutunya,ingatlah...dan ingatlah juga pemimpin negara Islam yang lain yang zalim secara sedar atau tidak..ALLAH tetap akan memenangkan Islam.Sungguh Janji ALLAH itu benar.

(Allah yang menyatakan itu) Dia lah yang telah mengutus RasulNya (Muhammad, s.a.w) dengan membawa hidayah petunjuk dan ugama yang benar (ugama Islam), supaya Dia memenangkannya dan meninggikannya atas segala bawaan ugama yang lain; dan cukuplah Allah menjadi Saksi (tentang kebenaran apa yang dibawa oleh RasulNya itu). 48:28

Wahai Pemuda-pemudi...kita masih bergembira dengan dunia ini.Dilalaikan dengan dunia yang usianya kian hampir kepada penghujung hayat.
Tunisia dan Mesir sudah digegarkan kerana mereka menolak kezaliman. 
Apa kurangnya kita,umat Islam Malaysia?Kita juga zalim pada diri sendiri.Tanpa disedari...kita telah merelakannya dengan hanya berdiam diri.

Zalim ini tidak lari dari faktor-faktor yang jelas terpancar di depan mata:
  1. Kerana dasar sekularisme mencengkam seluruh kehidupan Muslim.Lalu kita menyokongnya dan berdiam diri tanpa melakukan apa-apa perubahan.
  2. Kerosakan sistem yang tidak berlandaskan Islam. Kita diam dan rela tunduk kepada sistem penjajah.Kehakimannya,Pendidikannya,Pentadbirannya, Ekonominya dan pelbagai.
  3. Anak-anak muda menjadi buta kepada Islam dan terlalu celik kepada barat.Menyanjung tinggi pula kehidupannya.Sungguh jelas,hidup masyarakat muslim terasing antara agama dan kehidupan. Kita benar-benar tidak kenal apa hubungkaitnya. Agama hanyalah menjadi silibus untuk kertas peperiksaan baik di pengajian tinggi mahupun pengajian di sekolah-sekolah.
  4. Dilalaikan kita oleh penjajah dengan media-media dan hiburan-hiburan Barat mahupun Timur yang menyokong barat dan menolak Islam.Lalu hal ini dikekalkan secara berterusan.
  5. Aqidah dirosakkan dengan menjadikan masyarakat ini bertuhankan nafsu syahwat.Kita diumpan dengan segala bentuk 'aqidah barat'.Wanita dimanipulasikan untuk melemahkan pejuang dan pembela Islam dari tujuan sebenar kita: menyampaikan risalah ALLAH.
Kembalikan jiwa kita kepada Islam. Islam itu adalah nafas kita.Terhentinya roh Islam,maka terhentilah jasadnya manusia. 
Islam itu adalah darah yang mengalir dalam setiap tubuh muslim. Dunia dan manhaj jahiliyah adalah candu yang ditanam di setiap rumah-rumah Muslim.Ubatilah semula ketagihan jiwa kepada candu dunia dengan antidotenya,ubatan jiwa yang abadi-Islam.

Semangat perjuangan ini hanya akan luntur bila mana kita berputus asa.Seolah-olah kita redha dengan kezaliman.Kita terima seadanya tanpa bangun menolak dan melawan.

Kita bukan sahaja berhadapan dengan musuh-musuh Islam tetapi kita juga berhadapan dengan pengkhianat saudara-saudara seIslam. Siapakah yang lebih zalim di mata akal?Musuh yang berselindung di balik bangsa sendiri harus diusir keluar. Itulah Ben Ali, dan itulah Hosni Mubarak. Namanya saja sudah Islam,tetapi bukan terukir sebagai pejuang. Nama-nama ini akan terus dikenang sebagai nanah dalam daging .

Nanah yang tidak dicuci akan terus merebak.Membawa kerosakan besar kepada bahagian-bahagian badan manusia.Nanah yang kotor ini tidak lain semestinya dikeluarkan dengan kadar segera.

Setiap kali mata terpejam setelah tidak melakukan apa-apa untuk agama dan saudara-saudara kita ,setiap kali itu juga Islam makin berganjak kebelakang. Sudah terlalu nyenyak kita dibuai tidur.Jarum masa sudah tepat pada waktu kebangkitan.Jiwa-jiwa kita memanggil-manggil untuk ditanamkan semula nilai-nilai Islam.

Jalankan perananmu wahai para jemaah Islam! Teruskan genggaman erat kita pada Tali ALLAH!

Mulakan langkah-langkah ini dengan pendidikan asal kita.Quran dan Hadis.Tegakkan semula Islam sebagai asas kepada sistem pendidikan.

" Islam itu adalah punca/asas pendidikan dan bukanlah Islam itu salah satu cabang pendidikan". Setiap cabang ilmu itu adalah berkembang dari asas ajaran Islam.Kerana Ilmu itu berkembang apabila manusia ingin mengenal tuhannya.Hanya dengan Islam manusia mengenal tuhan yang sebenar-benarnya.Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim. ALLAH yang Maha Esa.
Sekiranya kita hanya menjadikan ia sebahagian dari cabang ilmu bukan asasnya,maka menjadilah Islam itu ranting pada pohon yang sudah dicantas batangnya lalu menjadi pohon tidak berakar. 
Sekiranya ia menjadi asas atau akarnya,maka suburlah tumbuhan itu,berkembanglah ranting-ranting dan dahan-dahannya menjadi dedaunan hijau yang segar dan tenang dipandang mata.Seperti itu jugalah berkembang ilmu-ilmu yang lain dalam kehidupan kita kerna ilmu ini berlandaskan ajaran sebenar,mengetahui hala tujunya seperti menujunya pucuk tumbuhan hijau ke arah sumber cahaya matahari.

Sedarlah,setiap langkah kita itu mengubah dunia,samada ke arah kebaikan mahupun kejahatan.Apabila kita tersedar dan berhati-hati dalam melangkah lalu mendorong langkah itu ke arah jalan ALLAH maka kita sebenarnya sedang mengikuti jalan-jalan Rasulullah dan para sahabah.Itulah jalan Taqwa.Taqwa itu membolehkan kita melihat dengan daya yang hebat.Furqan diberi namanya. Kemampuan melihat dengan jelas kebatilan dan kebenaran.Ini terbukti dalam surah al-anfal 8:29
"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Jika kamu bertaqwa kepada Allah, nescaya Ia mengadakan bagi kamu (petunjuk) yang membezakan antara yang benar dengan yang salah, dan menghapuskan kesalahan-kesalahan kamu, serta mengampunkan (dosa-dosa) kamu. Dan Allah (sememangnya) mempunyai limpah kurnia yang besar"
Dengan bekal inilah,kita seterusnya menyedarkan ummah,membangunkannya sepertimana kita membangunkan sebuah rumah untuk anak-anak kita berlindung dari hujan dan panas ,supaya mereka juga terselamat di dunia dan akhirat.

Kesedaran dan Kebangkitan Ummah adalah Ketakutan Musuh yang terpendam sekian lama.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Power of Solidarity


Alhamdulillah...All praise due to ALLAH.The Most Gracious,The Most Magnificent.

Currently,Egypt is in turmoil. Tunisia and others also undergone the same circumstances and still ongoing. 
Right now,i'am watching the live streaming aljazeera news. Waiting for Hosni Mubarak to give his statement after the protesters. 
I think this is the only news station could be watched in English. It's free,that's the other reason.

The history has constantly recorded that there is no such tyrannical regime will survive against it's own people.When people unite and outspokenly voice out their demand they could shatter the unshakable government immediately and of course the regime has no other choice rather than to listen and follow what their request is.

The longstanding regime can use any weapon they consider best to clear street from the crowd but it's likely only when the number is too small. That is why we have to assemble as many people as possible to an extent where the whole rakyat should be accumulated to say out loud one voice- The Voice Of People .Definitely,the purpose should not be other than to fight against atrocities perpetrated under any unjust,corrupted regime.

I strongly believe we,the people, when united could make the positive difference in whatever scenario we are facing in any Muslim country. This is why Ukhuwah is so important. No one can break through the solid solidarity especially if it's based on religion faith.

In Egypt,the ground swell of support of freedom grows like never before.They wanted to free their country from those rascal.They had enough of dictatorship, oppressions , unjust leader ,and corrupted government that already led to economic instability with  high percentage of unemployments.
For Muslim,this is completely anticipated event which we have been awaited to occur in Egypt for so many years. PM Hosni Mubarak had publicly known to be a strong ally of Israel. He had been the only force of Israel's support amid the Arab World surrounding the Palestine. He was the one who eluded and refused to open the Gate that link Egypt with Palestine,the gate that could allow thousands of foods and weapon to support and also protect the life of Palestinians.How many Palestinians have been killed due to his role in supporting the Israeli regime?He is really a 'dictator' not just to his people but also to all Muslims in general.
Alhamdulillah, Turkey had  repudiated Israel and is now out of the circle of alliance consisted of Israel,U.s and Egypt. All praise due to ALLAH.Turkey is now regarded as the front line of fighting against Israel and also the main force of saving the Palestinians from the cruel colonist and it has proved this through the effort of sending Mavi Marmara ship to send directly food supplies to Palestinians.

They are scared of the arising Muslim Power especially when Turkey become among the main threat against Israel together with Iran.
I urge all Muslim countries to remain united and absorb fully the spirit of Tunisians people and also Egyptians.Now this great influence has already started to disseminate around the Muslim World. Even Jordan has immediately implement some major reform in their leadership.

I wish Malaysians could also learn something from this historic situation. 
No matter what happen in the country, we Muslims must always remain united.
I salute all Egyptians,Tunisians particularly the youth for their courage to mobilize an important historic rally in this world. Trust me,this reform is the beginning of Islamic Awakening. A message sent to all Muslims around the world that simply not to save it in your brain inbox,but to forward them to all Muslims. The true wake up calls
And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)?― men, women, and children, whose cry is: "Our Lord! rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from Thee one who will protect; and raise for us from Thee one who will help!" Quran 4:75

"Penjajahan bangsa sendiri adalah lebih hina dari penjajahan  luar ke atas kita...Moga ALLAH selalu melindungi kita umat Islam dari pengkhianat saudara-saudara seIslam.Inilah agenda barat,mereka mahu melaga-lagakan umat Islam supaya kita tidak lagi bersatu di bawah sistem berkhalifah
Seruan mereka untuk perubahan adalah seruan kita bersama."-RMR


Saturday, January 22, 2011

No excuse

alhamdulillah...all praise due to Allah, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful.

It's already 1245 a.m and at this moment my brain is absolutely slowing down but can still wondering about getting one of the demanding object on earth right now the so-called Ipad.

But currently the price is way too high..too high to 'grasp' by a future father like me as my paramount interest right now is to save and spend rakyat's money as wise as possible particularly to prepare it for razin jr. 
Honestly it's just my day dream, no need to pay attention on that..

Actually my thought had gone beyond that..

Allah has created all things to cater for His slaves's needs. Foods, Oxygen, Water, Plants, name a few.
From these sources other products were derived. All the technos we used right now, your laptop,yes your laptop that you are looking at exactly at this moment..Everything is His properties. This is something you can't argue with ,definitely.

Don't you think all this has at least a purpose to fulfill?

This remarks preoccupied my mind since last week -approximately

It seems that many Muslims really like gadget-typed stuff  namely Ipad, SmartPhone, i-phone 4, Sony book reader, Netbook ,Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry, ..too many inventions that i couldn't even recall the brand

Not surprisingly ,these object of interest are surely equipped with special softwares and most important to say is the grave necessity of the internet and last but not least Facebook!. These are some which have been already installed and ready-to-used programs particularly in the smartphones.

Touch Screen.Thats the word. A word that is sufficient to describe the ease of using it.

Let's go back to ancient time. At the time of the prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and his companions, when there was no such technology happened to be existed,yet as we know his dakwah had successfully reached and broke through all parts of the world.Name me one place that didn't get the light of Islam. None.

What about us?you, me , us...the muslims....we have the world networking in our hand right now programed in the highly expensive techno can learn Islam and spread it as simple as tapping the touch-screened keypad and send it to anyone you like but,there is always 'but', sadly, so sad...we haven't even dared to spread a single word of ALLAH from the glorious Quran and hadith. We even don't bother to spread the truth about what is happening in oppressed Muslims countries..shame on me and shame on you o muslims. We are lagged behind not because of knowing nothing about techno,but because doing nothing while having it right in our palm.

Just imagine, one Islamic message from each of us a day lecture about Islam from online lecture email with a short hadith  ...sent and shared by countless number of Muslims (and non-Muslims) each day and each night .Consequently, at least thousands could have realized the beauty of Islam and finally realized the true God.The one and only, ALLAH S.W.T.

Not even a single word should be vibrated out of our vocal cord to say 'no' to da'wah.
There is No excuse.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coffee and Prague

 Alhamdulillah.All praises due to ALLAH.The Most Gracious,The Most Merciful

I just came back from Prague. Really had a great time with my beloved zaujah. We should go 'honeymoon' more often because it was really meaningful to be alone with your wife (and razin jr.) and we share lots of stuff throughout the trip .

I learn that Islam has always thought us through the glorious divine book and hadith about the great value of marriage. It's amazed me the way Rasulullah S.A.W used to treat his wives fairly and kindly and called them with sweet name especially to Saidatina Aisyah r.a. I really want to be like him, in all facets of my life. He is the best in terms of being a father , husband , a leader and also as a preacher.He is the best in all aspects. The only greatest role model ever lived in this world.

Before i end this entry,i would like to thank ALLAH for His utter blessings that He had given upon me and my family and also for giving me a chance to be a hubby to a wonderful wife,Noor Akmalia Saini.


Saturday, January 15, 2011


Alhamdulillah,All praise due to ALLAH. The Most Gracious The Most Merciful.

Recently  i think the hottest topic discussed particularly in some warung in Malaysia is not other than the anticipated debate between DSAI and DSN. I don't think i have to elaborate on these two well-known public figures.

But what concerns me is the change of tradition in Malaysia regarding her politics flow. Rarely seen in Malaysia such a debate held especially when it involves Malaysia's most prominent leaders. I think last time i saw a political debate is between one of these 2 politicians against the other's colleague.

We,rakyat, always eager to listen to what any leaders want to say in particular concerning the economy or the future plan for Malaysia. Any sort of strategy for the betterment of Malaysia would be my anticipation,of course all rakyat want to hear that.

This is what democracy is all about. Democracy means the people or  rakyat are given all possible chances to make their own choice, which party or candidate that they think the most reliable and competent enough to shoulder the duty as their representative. To be fair,therefore rakyat must open their eyes,read all-related news and issues and must be allowed to engage with the talk whenever available, then we let them make the correct decision. That's how it works,but sometimes it's not true all the time because our media is quite biased in some sort. But it's ok. We always got internet and bloggers as the alternatives one.

So, i pray to ALLAH to give us the opportunity to listen properly and digest carefully all points of their discourse(if it becomes reality.Hope so) whether it's pembakang(opposition) or the ruling party.

I only want to direct my wala'(loyalty) to the deserved leader and not simply make up my mind and just say 'biar je la..." or "lantaklah pasal politik nih." That is the very kind of rakyat's mind that required reform.

I learned that US or some western countries already done this(public debate) , although i may not agree with many of US's policies but their freedom of speech in terms of political discussion should be imitated slowly by our leadership.
(notes: i don't really endorse the concept of freedom of speech to be implemented in Malaysia. This concept means you could say anything you want and it could result most likely in abysmal widespread of Fitnah(slander) and useless criticism. You can say anything you want as long as abiding ALLAH's law thats my whole point)

Choose the right leader and choose the right future.

I love Islam, I love Malaysia.

Take care guys.Till next time then.

Jazakallah to all readers.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood

Alhamdulillah.All praise due to ALLAH,The Most Gracious,The Most Merciful.

Brotherhood in Islam is extraordinarily amazing. No one can question that. In fact,the non-muslims should have or will notice it sooner or later,because they demand the same thing, something that is really indispensable.The bonds of Brotherhood.Bonding that only people with the true belief in ALLAH have.This is what we call Ukhuwah.

Whatever your race background is ,whether you are Chinese, Indian, Caucasian, once you have declared your syahadah then we are of no boundaries,no races but rendered with one identity- Muslim.

Unfortunately i admit there are some Muslims who don't really appreciate it. I don't know on what grounds they do that, but apparently,there must be something that is internally growing  that could have solidified their heart.This is very likely due to ignorance. Allahu'alam

Its precious value only embraced by the very truly practice Muslims.

Wherever i meet a Muslim of any countries seems  like we have already known each other for ages.

It's like 'dejavu'

You profoundly feel like you are acquainted with that person but ultimately you always realized that you have never met him before.No awkwardness 

Usually this fervent love starts with the simple Islamic greeting,Assalamu'alaikum.Then you could see the closeness established gradually.For me, 'salam' is like an agent connecting people's heart.2,3 or infinite number of hearts could be easily joined under one roof of Islam just by spreading salam
Salam also could be deemed as an indicator that signal others that you are part of this great family.

To initiate 'salam' equally means like you are adding your friends to your Facebook account. As simple as clicking the mouse, to say salam can help you actually gaining more connections easily. Just by doing this, you already become agent of Rahmah.
Muslim are united and remain connected not through twitter of Manchester 'United',but through HIS Rahmah. 

So start spreading Salam now via whatever social network you use.Let His rahmah circulate among us.Show others our true brotherly feelings.

Literally none can stop it from growing.This brotherly love was seeded firstly by Rasulullah S.A.W to his great companions.Now,it has reached the whole world.No one could impede its expansion. Increasingly,people are accepting Islam because of one of the attractiveness that it has which is undoubtedly the affection of Brotherhood.

I strongly believe that the solid affection is based on Islamic teaching through the sayings and exemplary acts of our Prophets(hadith) that continuously reminded us to take a great care of the ties of muslims brotherhood and seriously show affection for them as though they are part of one's body, i.e when one part is sick or injured then the rest will be restless.

Here in Olomouc(czech republic), i have met so many muslims ,particularly students who do exchange program or some of them who permanently work here and already gained Czech citizenship.
Malaysian(majority), Pakistani, Turkish, Bosnian, U.K, Egyptian and etc are among muslims living in Olomouc. My praise goes to ALLAH who has allowed me to meet them by pursuing my studies abroad. 

Sometimes while chatting with my Turkish friends, my mind can just simply fly away and land at Istanbul and i start to conceive all our greatest achievement  especially during the Ottoman Dynasty. Their ancestors were among the greats.

I hope that one day  the same great victory can be achieved once more and  Muslim will rise once again to the top.

The equation is still the same : The truth and virtue of Islam will prevail against evil and falseness.

May ALLAH strengthen our brotherhood and render us with the brotherhood of the prophet S.A.W. and his companions.

The essence of being a Muslim is to uphold the strength of Brotherhood and this implies what Imam Hassan Al-Banna had thought us in his books and articles. He wanted us to consolidate our brotherhood and unity and follow the real teaching of prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and all companions.

I end this entry with a quotation from the miracle of miracles : Al-Quran 
"The Believers are but a single Brotherhood: So make peace and reconciliation between your two (contending) brothers: And fear Allah that ye may receive Mercy "49:10

jzk khair to all readers

Razin Mohamed Rosli