Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Power of Solidarity


Alhamdulillah...All praise due to ALLAH.The Most Gracious,The Most Magnificent.

Currently,Egypt is in turmoil. Tunisia and others also undergone the same circumstances and still ongoing. 
Right now,i'am watching the live streaming aljazeera news. Waiting for Hosni Mubarak to give his statement after the protesters. 
I think this is the only news station could be watched in English. It's free,that's the other reason.

The history has constantly recorded that there is no such tyrannical regime will survive against it's own people.When people unite and outspokenly voice out their demand they could shatter the unshakable government immediately and of course the regime has no other choice rather than to listen and follow what their request is.

The longstanding regime can use any weapon they consider best to clear street from the crowd but it's likely only when the number is too small. That is why we have to assemble as many people as possible to an extent where the whole rakyat should be accumulated to say out loud one voice- The Voice Of People .Definitely,the purpose should not be other than to fight against atrocities perpetrated under any unjust,corrupted regime.

I strongly believe we,the people, when united could make the positive difference in whatever scenario we are facing in any Muslim country. This is why Ukhuwah is so important. No one can break through the solid solidarity especially if it's based on religion faith.

In Egypt,the ground swell of support of freedom grows like never before.They wanted to free their country from those rascal.They had enough of dictatorship, oppressions , unjust leader ,and corrupted government that already led to economic instability with  high percentage of unemployments.
For Muslim,this is completely anticipated event which we have been awaited to occur in Egypt for so many years. PM Hosni Mubarak had publicly known to be a strong ally of Israel. He had been the only force of Israel's support amid the Arab World surrounding the Palestine. He was the one who eluded and refused to open the Gate that link Egypt with Palestine,the gate that could allow thousands of foods and weapon to support and also protect the life of Palestinians.How many Palestinians have been killed due to his role in supporting the Israeli regime?He is really a 'dictator' not just to his people but also to all Muslims in general.
Alhamdulillah, Turkey had  repudiated Israel and is now out of the circle of alliance consisted of Israel,U.s and Egypt. All praise due to ALLAH.Turkey is now regarded as the front line of fighting against Israel and also the main force of saving the Palestinians from the cruel colonist and it has proved this through the effort of sending Mavi Marmara ship to send directly food supplies to Palestinians.

They are scared of the arising Muslim Power especially when Turkey become among the main threat against Israel together with Iran.
I urge all Muslim countries to remain united and absorb fully the spirit of Tunisians people and also Egyptians.Now this great influence has already started to disseminate around the Muslim World. Even Jordan has immediately implement some major reform in their leadership.

I wish Malaysians could also learn something from this historic situation. 
No matter what happen in the country, we Muslims must always remain united.
I salute all Egyptians,Tunisians particularly the youth for their courage to mobilize an important historic rally in this world. Trust me,this reform is the beginning of Islamic Awakening. A message sent to all Muslims around the world that simply not to save it in your brain inbox,but to forward them to all Muslims. The true wake up calls
And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)?― men, women, and children, whose cry is: "Our Lord! rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from Thee one who will protect; and raise for us from Thee one who will help!" Quran 4:75

"Penjajahan bangsa sendiri adalah lebih hina dari penjajahan  luar ke atas kita...Moga ALLAH selalu melindungi kita umat Islam dari pengkhianat saudara-saudara seIslam.Inilah agenda barat,mereka mahu melaga-lagakan umat Islam supaya kita tidak lagi bersatu di bawah sistem berkhalifah
Seruan mereka untuk perubahan adalah seruan kita bersama."-RMR



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