Friday, January 14, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood

Alhamdulillah.All praise due to ALLAH,The Most Gracious,The Most Merciful.

Brotherhood in Islam is extraordinarily amazing. No one can question that. In fact,the non-muslims should have or will notice it sooner or later,because they demand the same thing, something that is really indispensable.The bonds of Brotherhood.Bonding that only people with the true belief in ALLAH have.This is what we call Ukhuwah.

Whatever your race background is ,whether you are Chinese, Indian, Caucasian, once you have declared your syahadah then we are of no boundaries,no races but rendered with one identity- Muslim.

Unfortunately i admit there are some Muslims who don't really appreciate it. I don't know on what grounds they do that, but apparently,there must be something that is internally growing  that could have solidified their heart.This is very likely due to ignorance. Allahu'alam

Its precious value only embraced by the very truly practice Muslims.

Wherever i meet a Muslim of any countries seems  like we have already known each other for ages.

It's like 'dejavu'

You profoundly feel like you are acquainted with that person but ultimately you always realized that you have never met him before.No awkwardness 

Usually this fervent love starts with the simple Islamic greeting,Assalamu'alaikum.Then you could see the closeness established gradually.For me, 'salam' is like an agent connecting people's heart.2,3 or infinite number of hearts could be easily joined under one roof of Islam just by spreading salam
Salam also could be deemed as an indicator that signal others that you are part of this great family.

To initiate 'salam' equally means like you are adding your friends to your Facebook account. As simple as clicking the mouse, to say salam can help you actually gaining more connections easily. Just by doing this, you already become agent of Rahmah.
Muslim are united and remain connected not through twitter of Manchester 'United',but through HIS Rahmah. 

So start spreading Salam now via whatever social network you use.Let His rahmah circulate among us.Show others our true brotherly feelings.

Literally none can stop it from growing.This brotherly love was seeded firstly by Rasulullah S.A.W to his great companions.Now,it has reached the whole world.No one could impede its expansion. Increasingly,people are accepting Islam because of one of the attractiveness that it has which is undoubtedly the affection of Brotherhood.

I strongly believe that the solid affection is based on Islamic teaching through the sayings and exemplary acts of our Prophets(hadith) that continuously reminded us to take a great care of the ties of muslims brotherhood and seriously show affection for them as though they are part of one's body, i.e when one part is sick or injured then the rest will be restless.

Here in Olomouc(czech republic), i have met so many muslims ,particularly students who do exchange program or some of them who permanently work here and already gained Czech citizenship.
Malaysian(majority), Pakistani, Turkish, Bosnian, U.K, Egyptian and etc are among muslims living in Olomouc. My praise goes to ALLAH who has allowed me to meet them by pursuing my studies abroad. 

Sometimes while chatting with my Turkish friends, my mind can just simply fly away and land at Istanbul and i start to conceive all our greatest achievement  especially during the Ottoman Dynasty. Their ancestors were among the greats.

I hope that one day  the same great victory can be achieved once more and  Muslim will rise once again to the top.

The equation is still the same : The truth and virtue of Islam will prevail against evil and falseness.

May ALLAH strengthen our brotherhood and render us with the brotherhood of the prophet S.A.W. and his companions.

The essence of being a Muslim is to uphold the strength of Brotherhood and this implies what Imam Hassan Al-Banna had thought us in his books and articles. He wanted us to consolidate our brotherhood and unity and follow the real teaching of prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and all companions.

I end this entry with a quotation from the miracle of miracles : Al-Quran 
"The Believers are but a single Brotherhood: So make peace and reconciliation between your two (contending) brothers: And fear Allah that ye may receive Mercy "49:10

jzk khair to all readers

Razin Mohamed Rosli


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