Saturday, January 15, 2011


Alhamdulillah,All praise due to ALLAH. The Most Gracious The Most Merciful.

Recently  i think the hottest topic discussed particularly in some warung in Malaysia is not other than the anticipated debate between DSAI and DSN. I don't think i have to elaborate on these two well-known public figures.

But what concerns me is the change of tradition in Malaysia regarding her politics flow. Rarely seen in Malaysia such a debate held especially when it involves Malaysia's most prominent leaders. I think last time i saw a political debate is between one of these 2 politicians against the other's colleague.

We,rakyat, always eager to listen to what any leaders want to say in particular concerning the economy or the future plan for Malaysia. Any sort of strategy for the betterment of Malaysia would be my anticipation,of course all rakyat want to hear that.

This is what democracy is all about. Democracy means the people or  rakyat are given all possible chances to make their own choice, which party or candidate that they think the most reliable and competent enough to shoulder the duty as their representative. To be fair,therefore rakyat must open their eyes,read all-related news and issues and must be allowed to engage with the talk whenever available, then we let them make the correct decision. That's how it works,but sometimes it's not true all the time because our media is quite biased in some sort. But it's ok. We always got internet and bloggers as the alternatives one.

So, i pray to ALLAH to give us the opportunity to listen properly and digest carefully all points of their discourse(if it becomes reality.Hope so) whether it's pembakang(opposition) or the ruling party.

I only want to direct my wala'(loyalty) to the deserved leader and not simply make up my mind and just say 'biar je la..." or "lantaklah pasal politik nih." That is the very kind of rakyat's mind that required reform.

I learned that US or some western countries already done this(public debate) , although i may not agree with many of US's policies but their freedom of speech in terms of political discussion should be imitated slowly by our leadership.
(notes: i don't really endorse the concept of freedom of speech to be implemented in Malaysia. This concept means you could say anything you want and it could result most likely in abysmal widespread of Fitnah(slander) and useless criticism. You can say anything you want as long as abiding ALLAH's law thats my whole point)

Choose the right leader and choose the right future.

I love Islam, I love Malaysia.

Take care guys.Till next time then.

Jazakallah to all readers.



sgray said...

I can say nothing better than to agree with ahat you said..but, Islam did taught us..IT's best to shut up {be silent} rather than talking nonsense{in regard to the debacle issue requested DSAI...a munafiq and a liar...kerja sia2 bro}

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